For when you’re feeling alone.

I get it, like i honestly seriously really do get it.

I know that right now it seems impossibe to get through the days, i know how hard it is for you right now to just get through the next minute, the next second. It’s hard and i understand.

I know that right now you’re sitting where ever it is youu are and you’re feeling alone, like it’s youu against the world and that nobody understands youu, but i’m telling youu, YOUU the person here reading this blog that you’re honestly not alone. There are people who will understand and know exactly what it is you’re going through, People who are willing to help and support youu, youu just have to be willing to accept that help.

Myself, i struggle to accept help and support when it’s offered to me, because my mind tells me things that honestly i know deep down are not true. I sometimes turn down support and shut myself away because i believe sometimes that i’m not worthy of the help i’m being offered and that leads me to thinking that i’m alone, because i’ll be honest i do have that voice inside my head that tells me i deserve the things that i’m going through myself. That voice stops me from getting help. I often feel like i’m on a roler coaster ride that never seems to stop. But somehow along the way i manage to accept the help, i don’t know what makes me do it but i do.

I’m not going to sit here and say it’s easy to accept help because i know to god damn well that it’s far from easy, it’s the hardest thing you’ll probably ever do, but once you do it i promise you that it will be totally worth it.

I know first hand how painful it is to be sat in your bedroom at night and feel like the whole world is against you, i know how hard it is to feel like you’re alone when you’re in the most crowdiest room, i know how hard it is to feel like nobody will understand you, i know that the hardest thing is letting someone in when youu feel like every single person around you is out to get  you and are against you, i know that no matter how many times people will tell youu that you’re not alone, it doesn’t actually change the fact you feel alone.

I understand.

I know that right now to you it feels like it will never get better and that you won’t get through this but i promise that one day you will. It won’t just happen overnight, it’ll be a long road but that journey can start by you reaching out and asking for help without feeling ashamed to do so. I know that no matter how alone youu feel that someone is there just waiting to help you.

These words may not mean alot to most people but i just want to tell you that i believe in you, i understand you and i’m here for you. I Promise.






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