Self Image.

I hear this word thrown about quite a lot if I’m honest. Self image is something that a lot of people don’t actually quite understand. The way a person views themselves actually says a lot about there mental health. 

I for example struggle with my own self image, when I look in the mirror I hate what I see, I can’t stand to see the person looking back at me, its like I honestly don’t recognise myself anymore. I hate myself because I feel the way I look is not good enough, I need to be skinnier, I need to be prettier I just need to be better than I am. I need to be anything but me. I don’t love myself like I’m told I’m supposed to, because how can youu love something that is simply not good enough? I hate my body with all my being I really do. My self image is completely messed up, I’m constantly comparing myself to other girls and when I see that they in my own mind may look better than me I hate myself just that little bit more, I guess youu can say it’s one vicious cycle, a cycle that right now I’m unable to break, I don’t know if I’ll be able to break it but all I can do is try.

Poor self image stems from many of things, from people telling youu that youu should look a certain way, society believing youu should look a certain way,  it can also stem from different types of abuse through your life whether it be emotional, physical or sexual abuse. Having poor self image doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with youu, it just means that you’ve been told certain things about yourself and how youu should look so many times over and over again and you’ve actually began to believe it and that’s okay, it just means that youu have to be reminded how beautiful and perfect youu are just the way youu are and hopefully the more youu start to love yourself and believe all the positives about youu. 

It will take time I understand that but youu have to start to learn to love yourself, it won’t be easy I totally get that, but youu will get there and that I promise youu. Start everyday standing in front of your mirror whether it be in your bedroom or in your bathroom just stand in front of it, look at your reflection and look yourself right in the eyes and tell yourself “I am beautiful” because youu are, youu truely are, everyone has their imperfections but that’s just what makes youu imperfectly perfect. 


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