had enough of being judged and misunderstood

Why is it when people find out that you’re unwell, youu have a mental health illness, everything seems to just change? 

People are so quick to judge, once they know youu have a mental health illness they seem to treat youu differently, they won’t tell youu things anymore, they won’t invite youu out, they will hardly bother with youu but why? I won’t break if youu tell me things, I won’t struggle about going out, I won’t fall apart when you’re around me.. I’m not defined by my mental health, I’m the same person I’ve always been.. I still laugh, I still mess about and act silly I’m still me! 

These things can stop people from speaking out about mental health and make them feel ashamed of being poorly with no fault of their own. People fear they’ll be treated differently and fear they will be judged and misunderstood so they keep quiet and suffer alone.. People are not their illness yeah it’s part of them but it doesn’t change who they are. 

My fear of being treated differently because of my mental health issues is huge so I don’t tell people, I do keep it to myself because I still want to be treated like me, not like someone who has a mental health illness. It doesn’t define me it doesn’t make me any different to the person I was before youu knew about my health.. 

I’m still me!


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