Wouldn’t some of youu agree that existing is absolutely exhausting?

Youu get to that point in your life where the simplest of tasks such as getting out of bed in a morning takes so much energy and effort, youu try so hard to get through the rest of the day as best as youu can. Youu don’t know how youu manage it but somehow youu do and that’s a massive victory for yourself because at the beginning of the day, lay in your bed youu thought to yourself “I can’t do this”, but somewhere deep inside of youu, youu fought to get out of bed..

The next day may not be as easy, youu lay there in your bed and youu haven’t the energy to drag yourself out from the comfort, the safety of your blankets, the safety of your room the safety of just being alone right there in that moment lay in your bed. The thought of just getting out of bed, getting yourself washed dressed and having breakfast exhausts youu. Even breathing exhausts youu, on this day just existing exhausts youu, its to much in your mind. Youu may have plans on these days, whether you’re seeing friends or have appointments but youu can’t even begin to think about those because even thinking is to hard for youu right now so instead of pulling yourself out of bed  youu pull the covers over your head just to hide yourself from the world.

Living is exhausting

Breathing is exhausting

Thinking is exhausting

Everything for youu right now is to exhausting to contemplate and do youu know what? THAT’S OKAY!!

Everybody has days like these, but unfortunately for some one suffering with anxiety, depression and other mental health issues these days become more frequent, more harder to pull yourself out of, and that’s okay.. Youu should never have to feel bad for the way that youu feel because remember your feelings are valid YOU’RE VALID!

If youu are having a day like this and happen to be reading this post then please remember days like these will pass, it may take some time because I know its far from easy, but they will pass.. Youu have to remind yourself that its okay to feel the way that youu do and tell yourself you’ll try again tomorrow and keep on trying until the days seem that little bit more manageable.

I believe in youu, I know you’ll get through this because you’re strong, and you’re not alone!

Stay strong all youu lovely people I have faith in youu all!


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