Feelings from the mind.

Those feelings of hopelessness, worthlessness and like you’re a failure totally suck. I’ve been battling these feelings more lately, like more intense than normal and it’s awful the way your own mind can make youu feel..

Everyone says that these feelings come from some point in your life, like whether you’re told these things growing up or a traumatic event leads to these feelings, or even sometimes both of these together are the reason.

No matter where they come from or how they got there the fact is that they’re there and seem totally impossible to get rid of. I guess the mind is a powerful thing but also at the same time a very hurtful and destroying thing.

I myself have been left feeling worthless and like  failure because I’ve been told these things growing up and also being abused in different ways has led to me feeling this way about myself, I feel hopeless because of these feelings along with many many others.

I guess once hurtful things are said to youu over and over again youu start to believe them and then that’s the only way youu see yourself and it’s so disappointing that people can do this to others just for the sake of doing it..

Like I said the mind is a very very powerful thing aswell as a hurtful and destroying thing!

(I don’t know if this post makes any sense but hey-ho)


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