“it’s a phase, you’ll be fine, get over it”

Okay so I didn’t post atall yesterday as I’ve come down with the flu, so I’m poorly and also struggling with my mental health at the same time so please bare with me..

So the past few weeks I’ve been really struggling with my mental health, I’ve felt so down and deflated and also resulted in hurting myself on numerous occasions. Nothing and I mean nothing irritates the hell outta me more than people saying you’ll be fine, it’s a phase, get over it, snap out of it well firstly its lovely to know that youu can tell me how i feel and that I’ll be fine when I don’t even know that myself, secondly I wish it was just a bloody phase because If it was I wouldn’t be on medication for the rest of my life, I wouldn’t of been admitted into hospital and I wouldn’t have psychiatrists etc.. Thirdly I wish I could just get over it I mean that’d be easier than living with a mental illness right? Finally snap outta it!? Trust me I wish more than anything I could snap outta it because if I could I wouldn’t have to be struggling daily the way that I am..

There is honestly so much ignorance when it comes to mental health, its not talked about half as much as it should be, it’s comments like these that stop people from speaking out about their mental health because they feel ashamed or like they shouldn’t feel the way they do! Just because a mental illness isn’t visual like perhaps a psychical illness is doesn’t mean its any less important! If someone has a broken arm people are more sympathetic towards them, whereas people seem to turn a blind eye and turn away to an illness they can’t see because they simply just don’t understand it and I think its totally wrong! 

Mental health needs to be talked about more so if youu have a story youu want to share then please do feel free to do so in the comments section below. 


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