losing friendships.

Do youu ever feel like when you’re going thought some shit that your “friends” seem to disappear one by one? This is something that’s been happening with me lately and it fully sucks; 

Maybe its my fault, if I wasn’t going through the stuff I am then maybe things may be different, I’d be able to go out more with friends and do things with them, when things are good friends seem to come outta the wood works but when things get bad they disappear faster than they came, surely it’s not just me who has this problem? 

I’ve lost so many friendships because I’ve not been sociable or the way I used to be, I get told I’ve changed for the worst, well I’m sorry that what I’ve been/going through has changed me as a person but that’s what happens when youu deal with certain stuff, it changes youu! 

Friends can’t seem to handle me at my worst so why should they have me at my best? Friendship is no part time thing! Frustrates the hell outta me when they come and go as they please!

Does anyone else seem to experience this within friendships? If so please feel free to share your stories/experiences.. 


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