Trust issues..

Trust is a hard thing isn’t it? Its the one thing that is the easiest thing to break but the hardest thing to gain.

Like many of youu, I have huge trust issues, mine have stemmed from being abused for seven years at age 11.. I don’t talk about it and I’m not going to start now, but I do know my trust issues started with that. When someone says to me “youu can trust me” I laugh inside, how does anyone expect youu to trust them? It’s a hard one really isn’t it? Once your trust has been destroyed its the hardest thing to ever get back.

Today something happened that had damaged my trust issues even more, it’s got me questioning myself.. I promised myself I’d never let myself be in a position I was in at eleven for seven years again, and a family member has abused this again knowing full well what I’ve been through..

How do youu come back from something like this? How do youu even begin to explain too yourself what’s going on? I’m aware I’m probably not making much sense in this blog today, but today has been a extremely hard day..

I can’t find myself trusting anyone for a very long time, I have trust issues that have been made ten times worse. You’re meant to feel safe around people youu know, you’re meant to be able to trust people youu know but once that trust has been broken it’ll never come back..

Maybe we could have a discussion about trust issues, how youu cope with them and any tips youu may have to cope with trust issues?



One thought on “Trust issues..

  1. Hi Kimmie, I totally understandi where you’re coming from. It is hard to trust people- it’s the hardest thing to do. I was abused as well when I was little. Due to PTSD, I have countless of sleepless nights. You might wanna consider seeing a counsellor? I am seeing one right now, and I am very comfortable with him (I know it’s gon make you ask why my counsellor is a “him” whilst I’m a “her”. He’s gay) he’s the only whom I can trust fully right now. Have you tried talking you best-friend?

    Ps* I will be back on Monday. Take care!

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