Those “biting your tongue” moments.

I’m sure youu would agree that “biting your tongue” when really all youu want to do is speak your mind but wanting to keep the “peace” stops youu is as frustrating as hell!! I’ve had this moment today, and by gosh wasn’t it hard! So let me explain..

My mum and brothers girlfriend were bad mouthing my dad (well step dad who left when I was just twelve years old) like my mum blaming him for the problems in their marriage when problems are generally created by two people, granted their relationship was volatile, they’d argue she’d throw things at him and so on but that doesnt mean every aspect of their problems were down to him, then the brothers girlfriend who doesn’t even know him or anything about him decided to bad mouth him too, and this got me so annoyed, hearing them bad mouth him, blame everything on him, make him out to be this monster it fuelled something inside me and honestly it upset me alot. My dad is my dad and nothing will change that and even hearing someone speak his name let alone bad mouth him hurts! I bit my tongue and had to walk out of the room so I didn’t break down!

I hate conflict and all I seem to try doing is keep the peace and please everyone else. But this was hard biting my tongue how I even managed this I will never know.

Has anyone ever been in the position where they’ve had to bite their tongue just to keep the peace? If so maybe comment on how youu dealt with it and tips with how best to deal with it in those situations?

One thing I will say is that even though youu want to say something but fear of it coming out wrong, or of it causing a massive argument stops youu so youu have to actually physically bite your tongue massively sucks!!!


3 thoughts on “Those “biting your tongue” moments.

  1. Another brilliant post that I can relate to. Well, it was hard, but you did good, so be proud of yourself! I know the feeling. A few years back, someone I worked for a few months told my female co-worker “Yeah, can women even do good work? Speed it up! I know women are slow, thinking about princesses, but try your best to not let me down.” I was on my computer and I tightened my mouth in anger, pretending I didn’t hear it. I wanted to keep the peace, but ultimately I learned one thing. People who stay silent (like the two people in the bad situation) have to speak up for themselves. Often times, we can’t save those who don’t want to be saved — and if peace is one of the things they don’t want, we can give it our all and we’re the ones that end up stressing over the situation more than the initial two people in the conflict! I even got up and left the office for a while, just so I wouldn’t cause a scene. Biting my tongue, I guess.

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    1. Awe thankyouu🙊 was the hardest thing to do!! Wow omg that’s shocking! That’s actually so degrading too women!! That’s annoyed me just reading it so god knows how youu managed to keep it together! Should be proud of yourself well done youu!! That honestly does make so much sense.. It’s like something ignites inside of youu when youu hear something that makes youu angry, upset or hurt but youu have to keep it inside to keep peace and it just ends up stressing youu out more and more. If that makes sense? Yes biting your tongue indeed!


  2. I totally feel you on this, I hate when my mom bad mouths my dad to her friends. My dad’s an ass but realllyyyy, especially in front of your kids? Vice versa too, my dad bad mouths my mother to us. Wish they just grew up, so I totally understand taking the adult stand on this

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