Those bad days! 

Okay, so like many of youu lovely people I get my fair share of bad days, I’ll admit lately i seem to be having alot of those and they can sometimes feel absolutely impossible to get through. Youu know those days where getting out of bed is such an immense effort? Getting dressed seems nearly as impossible? Yes I understand those days, especially the ones where youu will do anything to just be able to hide under your covers and shut out the world. If you’re anything like me you’d want nothing more than to just hide away and sleep untill you’ve reached a good day where things feel just a little bit more manageable. 

It can be frustrating at times because having depression and other mental health problems you’re bad days and good days can often fluctuate and it feels like you’re on some massive rollercoaster not knowing whether you’re coming or going. Sometimes those bad days can just morph together with the good ones.

I guess my reason for writing this specific blog (however much sense it makes) is to say, you’re not alone! Youu may feel like youu are and thay absolutely nobody understands you, but I want to tell youu that’s not true, there are so many people around youu who may just understand more than youu think they do. There is always ALWAYS someone who will understand youu and be willing to help lift you out of those bad days, help guide youu out of the fog you’re in, if youu just take that step and reach out for support and I promise youu that you’ll be glad that you did! I’m not saying it’s easy because I know first hand that it’s far from easy but just have faith and believe in yourself and maybe just maybe you’ll see you’re not alone in whatever it is you’re going through! 

Just take one step at a time, one foot in front of the other and please reach out for the support youu deserve! Also remember I’m here for every single one of youu lovely people!💋 Youu don’t have to face the bad days alone!

 “sometimes youu need those bad days because it helps you truly appreciate the good ones” 


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