Scared about therapy

So, I’ve recently started to engage in therapy.. I’ve only had 5 sessions so far. My sixth session will be wednesday. My appointments are every wednesday at half two. I started therapy because i was sexually abused growing up. From age 11 for seven years. At 21 i feel I’m ready to talk about wjat happened.

However I’m scared. I’ve been reading a lot online about people who have been to therapy before and at the beginning they’re scared too just like i am. The end result for them is so much better than it was in the beginning. But thats one of the things that I’m scared about. What if i go through therapy and my end result is exactly the same as it was at the beginning?

I’m also scared of being judged, i know that people will tell me that professionals will never judge youu, but that doesn’t make the fear go away it just makes me feel guilty for feeling the way i do.

I’m scared that when i leave that room my therapist will be thinking I’m a pain, or that I’m just being stupid & I’m really not worth the time of being helped because I’m too broken to be helped. Or thinking that I’m wasting her time because I’m unable to answer most of the questions or if thinks I’m being rude because i struggle to make eye contact with her as i struggle too with many other people.

I’m scared to trust her because my trust has been broken so badly that I’ve grown to not trust a lot of people. When i do trust someone they hurt me or they just simply walk away because I’m too much of a “challenge” or that I’m hard work. The little voices in my head keep telling me that if i trust her and open upto her about things then once i leave she will tell people what I’ve said and they will all be laughing at me behind my back.

I’m scared of not being believed. Being believed is a huge thing for me. The person who abused me is in prison has been for a year. He was found guilty of over 20 counts. But my family don’t believe me therefore don’t support me at all, So I’m scared that my therapist won’t believe me also. She has told me she does believe me but again the voices in my head are telling me that she’s just saying this because she feels sorry for me and that she’s only entertaining me because she has too.

I’m also scared of opening up to a complete stranger, because that’s exactly who a therapist is, a complete stranger. The fear of that comes back to the trust part also because I’ve been hurt and i feel like anyone can hurt me which I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who feels this way. I guess I’m wary to open up or trust her because i don’t know who she is as a person so therefore i don’t know if she’s someone I’ll be able to trust or if she’s going to betray me like everyone else in my life has.

I’m also scared of confronting the issue. In a way I’ve been putting it off because if i talk about it then that will make it real & that absolutely terrifies me.. I’ve hidden it all for so long I’m scared of what will happen once i am able to let it all out & confront my issues.

I’m also scared if i spiral out of control & lose my way because i can’t handle things will my therapist then give up on me? Everyone I’ve known or trusted have given up on me & just walked away so that plays on my fear of rejection.

I’m scared that my therapist will think that I’m crazy. I mean, i think I’m crazy myself so why wouldn’t she? What If i say something about like how I’m feeling & she looks at me yano with that “you’re actually crazy” look. Once someone gives me that look my walls go straight back up again & then it’s right back to square one with being scared to open up again.

I know that there are so many positives for partaking in therapy, but sometimes for different people the fear/negatives definitely outweigh the positives. I’m a huge ball of scared right now about therapy but who knows maybe the fear will subside somewhere along the line🙊


When depression hits.

When depression hits it’s like having a ton of bricks fall ontop of you. It’s like the walls around you are closing in on you leaving you feeling trapped. It takes away every little part of you until you’re just a shell of your former self. You’re left feeling completely numb and like everything around you has completely faĺlen apart. When depression hits it takes away any hope youu have of feeling okay again. It leaves this little voice in your head telling youu

Everybody hates you”

“Nobody cares about you”

“You’re nothing you’re a nobody”

“You’re worthless and a failure”

“Nobody would care if you wasn’t here anymore”

“Everyone would be happier if you were gone”

This little voice in your head tries and sometimes can succeed in taking everything away from you. Your hope, your strength and even your life. When depression hits it makes you feel so numb like you’re paralysed to feeling. Everything around you feels so dark and draining that you struggle with simple daily tasks such as dressing, eating, showering or even brushing your own hair. You can even struggle with communicating to the point you isolate yourself of from the people you love and care about because you simply don’t want to burden them or drag them down with you. When depression hits it makes you believe you deserve feeling the way that you do, it makes you feel like you’re not worth peoples time, like you’re not worth having a place in the world anymore.

When depression hits it leaves you feeling completely exhausted. The things you once used to enjoy just don’t appeal to you anymore. Depression takes away the motivation you once may of had, it leaves you lay in your bed shutting out the world because existing simply is to exhausting. Talking is exhausting even listening is just too exhausting. Feeling any type of emotion is to exhausting and to hard for you. You feel like you don’t care about anything anymore. Nothing has meaning anymore not like it used to. Life just simply passes youu by in a complete blurr, your days just merge together one into the other. They blend together leaving you feeling completely lost. It leaves you feeling like you just don’t want to live, like existing is just simply to hard and to painful to bare.

If you’re someone who doesn’t suffer with depression it’s hard to understand what someone who does is going through. When you’re told that depression is more than just feeling “sad” that cannot be further from the truth. Depression takes everything away from a person, it makes them feel unwanted, unloved and completely alone. When depression hits all we could simply ask for is patience and understanding when we can’t bare to be around anyone and when we push you away because life is too much to handle right now just know that we don’t mean too.

As a person who suffers with depression i know first hand how hard it can be, how consuming it feels when it hits you at full force. I push away the people i love and care about the most. I isolate myself because i can’t cope with life. It takes time to even attempt/try picking yourself back up again. I go through every single thing i have wrote here and it’s hard, it beats me down until there is nothing left of me. All i would ask anyone for is understanding and patience.

Feeling Trapped.

Ever felt trapped in your own mind? Like there is absolutely no way out and youu can’t make the thoughts whizzing around in your head stop?

Lately I feel fully trapped in every aspect of my life, the worst part is being trapped inside my own mind. I get to the point where I fully can’t even handle my own thoughts, they’re so intense and so all over the place that they’re like literally draining.

Imagine if there was a simple switch where youu could just turn of your mind when it gets to much, at just the flick of a switch everything inside your head will go silent and stop whizzing around.. I mean how much easier would that be? How much easier would it be to be able to go to bed at night and not have to over think things? To be able to go through the day and not struggle to function because your thoughts are draining youu? How much easier would it be if youu were able to just switch of from your mind and finally feel that little bit of freedom from your mind?

I feel trapped and right now I don’t know how to free myself. I don’t know how to separate myself from my mind for that little bit of peace. I don’t know what to do with myself right now, I feel lost alone and trapped. I feel like right now nobody actually understands how I’m feeling.

I know that normally in my posts at the end I always put a positive comment for people but honestly I can’t even bring myself to write one today, because what I normally write about not being alone and people will understand youu would be a lie to myself right now. I don’t want to contradict myself because I’m not feeling that way in myself right now, I don’t see  anyone understanding me and i feel totally alone.

But one thing I will say is to anyone struggling out there just stay strong. That is all anyone can honestly do. Just stay strong and hold your head up high because youu are without a doubt stronger than youu think.

For when you’re feeling alone.

I get it, like i honestly seriously really do get it.

I know that right now it seems impossibe to get through the days, i know how hard it is for you right now to just get through the next minute, the next second. It’s hard and i understand.

I know that right now you’re sitting where ever it is youu are and you’re feeling alone, like it’s youu against the world and that nobody understands youu, but i’m telling youu, YOUU the person here reading this blog that you’re honestly not alone. There are people who will understand and know exactly what it is you’re going through, People who are willing to help and support youu, youu just have to be willing to accept that help.

Myself, i struggle to accept help and support when it’s offered to me, because my mind tells me things that honestly i know deep down are not true. I sometimes turn down support and shut myself away because i believe sometimes that i’m not worthy of the help i’m being offered and that leads me to thinking that i’m alone, because i’ll be honest i do have that voice inside my head that tells me i deserve the things that i’m going through myself. That voice stops me from getting help. I often feel like i’m on a roler coaster ride that never seems to stop. But somehow along the way i manage to accept the help, i don’t know what makes me do it but i do.

I’m not going to sit here and say it’s easy to accept help because i know to god damn well that it’s far from easy, it’s the hardest thing you’ll probably ever do, but once you do it i promise you that it will be totally worth it.

I know first hand how painful it is to be sat in your bedroom at night and feel like the whole world is against you, i know how hard it is to feel like you’re alone when you’re in the most crowdiest room, i know how hard it is to feel like nobody will understand you, i know that the hardest thing is letting someone in when youu feel like every single person around you is out to get  you and are against you, i know that no matter how many times people will tell youu that you’re not alone, it doesn’t actually change the fact you feel alone.

I understand.

I know that right now to you it feels like it will never get better and that you won’t get through this but i promise that one day you will. It won’t just happen overnight, it’ll be a long road but that journey can start by you reaching out and asking for help without feeling ashamed to do so. I know that no matter how alone youu feel that someone is there just waiting to help you.

These words may not mean alot to most people but i just want to tell you that i believe in you, i understand you and i’m here for you. I Promise.





Struggling With Self Harm.

This is a topic that people feel ashamed to talk about, i know that it’s a sensitive subject. I know previously I’ve been ashamed myself to talk about how I myself struggle with self harm, don’t get me wrong I still even now hide it and don’t talk to people about it, but if this post helps just one person know that they aren’t alone and there are people who understand their struggle then that’s fine with me.. 

I started to self harm when I was just twelve years old, I remember sitting in the shower the water hitting of my face as I cried, I picked up the razor blade and I made the first cut, little did I know that now at nearly 21 years of age I still pick up that blade and I cut. I self harm when I can’t cope with situations, when everything is to much and I just literally cannot handle it anymore. 

For me self harming is my coping mechanism, when everything is too much for me too handle and I pick up that blade in those few moments everything around me just stands still, it feels like time just stops and it’s a release like no other. I’m not ashamed to admit that on numerous occasions I’ve been in the back of an ambulance being taken to hospital for stitches. That’s when my self harm spirals outta control, because believe me it does. It can take over youu and become an addiction, the first and only thing youu turn to when youu can’t cope with life, when emotions are just to much to handle and youu need too feel those few moments of release. There are times I can go without self harming but then there’s times where I simply can’t go a day without taking the blade to my skin. It’s a battle an everyday battle and it’s not an easy one I know that first hand. I have scars, I have cuts and I’m not ashamed to admit that anymore. 

Self harm is not something to be ashamed about, it’s just the way a person finds to help them cope, to some people that may seem like a stupid way to cope, but that’s because they’re not gripped in the addiction of self harm, they don’t know that after you’ve made that first ever cut there is no going back. It’s not as easy as just “stopping” or “throwing away a blade” because its hard, it’s so much god damn harder than that, believe me. I know some people may see it as “attention seeking” but its not, sometimes it’s a cry or help and sometimes it’s just the way a person is able to cope. I, in all honesty have become so good at hiding the fact I cut, I cut in places no one is able to see, and that’s just what some people do, because they don’t want someone to see what they’re doing to themselves because they’re ashamed of what they’re doing but they just simply don’t know what else to do. 

If you’re reading this and youu know what I’m talking about and are going through this struggle then please, just know that you’re not alone. Don’t be ashamed of who youu are, don’t be ashamed of how you’ve learnt to cope because you’re worth more than that. I know what it’s like to feel as though the blade youu hold is the only thing that’s there for youu when youu need it, I know what its like to feel as though that blade is your best friend because it’ll never let youu down. I understand! you’re not alone and that I promise youu. It’s a daily battle between youu and that blade but one day youu will win, youu will fight and one day youu won’t need that blade anymore. It may not be today, tomorrow or the next few months, but one day soon you’ll win the war. I believe in youu 100 million percent. Keep on fighting because you’re so worth it!

Self Image.

I hear this word thrown about quite a lot if I’m honest. Self image is something that a lot of people don’t actually quite understand. The way a person views themselves actually says a lot about there mental health. 

I for example struggle with my own self image, when I look in the mirror I hate what I see, I can’t stand to see the person looking back at me, its like I honestly don’t recognise myself anymore. I hate myself because I feel the way I look is not good enough, I need to be skinnier, I need to be prettier I just need to be better than I am. I need to be anything but me. I don’t love myself like I’m told I’m supposed to, because how can youu love something that is simply not good enough? I hate my body with all my being I really do. My self image is completely messed up, I’m constantly comparing myself to other girls and when I see that they in my own mind may look better than me I hate myself just that little bit more, I guess youu can say it’s one vicious cycle, a cycle that right now I’m unable to break, I don’t know if I’ll be able to break it but all I can do is try.

Poor self image stems from many of things, from people telling youu that youu should look a certain way, society believing youu should look a certain way,  it can also stem from different types of abuse through your life whether it be emotional, physical or sexual abuse. Having poor self image doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with youu, it just means that you’ve been told certain things about yourself and how youu should look so many times over and over again and you’ve actually began to believe it and that’s okay, it just means that youu have to be reminded how beautiful and perfect youu are just the way youu are and hopefully the more youu start to love yourself and believe all the positives about youu. 

It will take time I understand that but youu have to start to learn to love yourself, it won’t be easy I totally get that, but youu will get there and that I promise youu. Start everyday standing in front of your mirror whether it be in your bedroom or in your bathroom just stand in front of it, look at your reflection and look yourself right in the eyes and tell yourself “I am beautiful” because youu are, youu truely are, everyone has their imperfections but that’s just what makes youu imperfectly perfect. 

Shutting myself away. 

Have youu ever just wanted to hide away from the world? Close yourself of from everything and everybody? Ever just wanted to pretend like youu don’t exist? This is me, right here, right now, in this moment. 

I can’t handle the world, I can’t handle being around people right now, I guess this is when I can actually say I don’t see a purpose in life, I don’t see anything to keep me here. I feel like such a failure nothing I actually ever do is good enough for anybody. I’m hiding away, in my bedroom lay in my bed hiding under the covers because I can’t handle life, I can’t handle the world, I can’t handle people and quite honestly I can’t even handle myself right now. I feel like I’m literally drowning. 

My mental health is declining rapidly and I’m here shutting myself away, what kind of weakling does that make me? What kind of failure does that make me right now? I’m so stupid! Have youu ever literally just stood there in front of a mirror and asked yourself “what is the point in my existence? What is the point of me?” The anger I have towards myself for eben feeling this way is so intense, I know I should be able to handle life but in all honesty right now, I just can’t. 

I know that right now I do need to access the support I have available to me, but I can’t bring myself to reach out for it so I just feel like I’m drowning. I’m stuck, alone and scared because I can’t even reach out for support because I can’t handle it, how dumb does that make me? I’m shutting myself away from my support workers, my psychiatrist and my psychologist, I’m ignoring phone calls, I’m avoiding letters, I’m avoiding voice mails and messages because I just cannot handle to talk to anyone, I can’t handle people and I honestly don’t even know how I’m supposed to pull myself outta this I really don’t. 

I know what people may think when they read this “well just reach out then” or “don’t be so stupid and ask for help” but honestly I wish it was that easy. My mind is telling me I’m not worthy of support, I’m not worthy of being helped and it’s dragging me down hugely to the point I’ve just shut down. I don’t know how to bring myself out of this rut, I feel like I’m trying so hard to paddle to survive but instead all I’m doing is drowning further and further to the bottom. 

Being Scared Of Life And Even Scared Of Yourself When Your Mental Health Takes Over.

Okay, so I get that people will look at this and think “well how could some one be scared of themselves?” It may seem unlikely to someone who actually doesn’t suffer with mental health issues but to someone who does, being scared of themselves is highly possible aswell of being scared of life.

For me when my mental health takes over my thoughts race, I can’t rely on my own mind because I become scared of it. I have these voices in my head (yeah, I know what you’re thinking, she’s crazy right? Me too) that tell me all sorts of things, like I’m worthless I’m a nobody and that everyone is conspiring against me and everybody wants to get rid of me and hurt me. I become scared of what I could possibly do to myself, I hurt myself and I’m scared that it’ll go further,  guess in a way youu could say that I don’t trust myself I don’t trust my own mind when my mental health takes over. 

I also know what it’s like to be scared of life because the truth is who can we actually trust? Especially if we can’t even trust ourselves.. Life is scary like massively scary and I know that so many people will agree with that.. But living with a mental health condition(s) makes it even more scarier. Youu become scared of everything and everyone, sometimes youu don’t even know what’s real and what’s not so that makes it even more scarier. Everything can just build and build and build inside of youu until your this big messed up ball of scared, and this is where I’m at right now n my own life.. 
I’m scared of myself, I’m scared of the people around me, I’m scared of life, I’m scared of being unloved, I’m scared of being rejected, I’m scared of failing, I’m scared of being forgotten, I’m scared of my own mind and my own thoughts, I’m scared of the voices that live inside of my head. I’m just that big messed up ball of scared, and guess what? It absolutely bloody sucks. 

I know there are so many people out there that will feel the exact same way that I do, I know that I’m not the only person going through something like this but if I’m honest I do feel extremely completely alone and it’s such an awful feeling. So if you’re reading this blog, either sat at a desk or lay in bed with your headphones on, or where ever it is youu are right now I want youu to know you’re not alone, youu don’t have to go through this alone, I’m lucky because I have professionals who know how to handle/help me, and youu could have that too.. Just reach out for some help because you’re honestly so worth it. Youu deserve to get better, youu deserve to be supported and youu more than deserve to be happy just take that first step and I promise youu, that youu won’t regret it.

Being dealt a shit hand in life.

How much is one person supposed to handle? How much before a person explodes? How much before a person completely falls apart? These are the questions I find I’m asking myself a lot lately.. 

One thing after another and it feels like I’m supposed to handle it, but the truth is that I can’t. I was told something the other day that could potentially shape my future, something I’m really struggling to digest I think it’s safe to say it’s something that has completely messed with my head and I’m not sure if I can actually handle.. Let me explain..

So the other day I went to the doctors again after having three ear infections in the past two months, only when I was there I knew I had to raise another issue I’ve been having, my ladies “monthly cycle” hasn’t happened for four months now, which is very uncommon for me as I’m regular as clock work (sorry to any men reading this) so the obvious question was asked about pregnancy and that wasn’t the case, so I’ve been given a likely diagnosis of polycystic ovaries and told it may be difficult for me to get pregnant in the future, this threw me completely as it’s always been my dream to be a mum, I have to have further tests to see if this is the case if so then can discuss my options.. I’ve been left absolutely devastated, my mind is spinning and I’m struggling to handle this bombshell I was given by a doctor..

I’ve been told to not worry or think about it until we have the results back but that’s easier said than done when you’re told something like this, especially when you’re a worrier anyway. I’ve only told my best friend and as my mum was with me at the doctors she knows too, walking out of that doctors room my head in a spin I broke down, I broke down in my mums arms, with other things going on in my life this for me was the final thing to push me over the edge and I finally broke. I guess in a way its the waiting and the not knowing that is the hardest part. My mind is going overtime and if I’m being completely honest I’m scared. 

I guess my reason for writing this post is to look for some support because i need it now more than ever. I’m stuck in the unknown right now and its a scary place to be. I can’t do this alone.